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Feb 20, 2020

This week, Cory and Eric watched the 2007 dystopian technological terror/zombie flick "The Signal." The film was written/directed by 3 different film makers in and around Atlanta Georgia on an absolute shoestring budget and it is excellent! There's some awesome gore, some great character moments and even some laughs....

Feb 13, 2020


Episode 67 - Bliss - 2019

Cocaine is a Hell of a Drug!

This week, Cory and Jeff (from A Fistful of Action Podcast) discussed the 2019 Joe Begos directed "Bliss." This movie is insane! It's got a tight running time at only 80 minutes and the main character (Dezzy) does more cocaine than Motley Crue on...

Feb 6, 2020

In our continuing coverage of off-beat horror oddities from Vinegar Syndrome, Eric picked the 1983 slasher "Frightmare" (aka Horror Star). This is an oddity for sure, but super fun nonetheless. If you dig the idea of a classic horror actor slashing his way through teenagers in eighties style, check it out!