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Till Death Do Us Part...or Something Like That

Oct 25, 2019

A Love Not Deceased by Eric Kapitan

I was recently offered the opportunity to read an advanced copy of “A Love Not Deceased” written by Eric Kapitan, and now, you get the opportunity to hear me talk about it! Being knee-deep into Spooky Season, this book was a very good choice and a very quick read. This book is not easy to synopsize without giving...

Welcome to the Spooky Dudes Blog!

Oct 17, 2019

Casey and her Slightly Evil Cat

Hello Spooky Dudes!! My name is Casey and I will be your semi-qualified guide through all things spooky in the wide world of literature. I also happen to be Cory's little sister, a Spooky Sister if you will. Growing up with a brother like Cory who, as you know, enjoys the horror genre just a little bit, ensured that...